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Authored works

Scientific American

▸ How to Fix COVID Contact Tracing

By Elissa Redmiles
December 2020

▸ Will Americans Be Willing to Install COVID-19 Tracking Apps?

By Eszter Hargittai, Elissa Redmiles
April 2020


▸ Citizen Science Projects Offer a Model for Coronavirus Apps

By Elissa Redmiles, John Krumm
July 2020

▸ The Success of Contact Tracing Doesn’t Just Depend on Privacy

By Elissa Redmiles, Gabriel Kaptchuk, Eszter Hargittai
May 2020

Linux Foundation Public Health


The New York Times

▸ Coronavirus Apps Show Promise but Prove a Tough Sell

By Jennifer Valentino-DeVries
December 2020

Colorado Public Radio

▸ The Biggest Bug For Coronavirus Exposure Apps? The People Using Them

By Rae Ellen Bichell, Kaiser Health News
November 2020

Kaiser Health News

Government Technology

▸ Contact Tracing Apps Face ‘Chicken-and-Egg’ Dilemma

By Rae Ellen Bichell, Kaiser Health News
December 2020

California Health Care Foundation

The CyberWire

▸ Diversity in Contact Tracing

Podcast by Peter Kilpe, and hosted by Dave Bittner
July 2020